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Friday, September 04, 2009

Favorite and Hardest Class

Thursday’s Blog Prompt: What was your favorite class?

I really didn’t have a favorite class because I loved them all. I just loved learning and so classes were fun for me and I always looked forward to Mondays or return from holidays. Even as an adult, I have loved taking classes and learning new stuff. My easiest class in high school was French. I don’t know why it was so easy for me but I never really had to study much and memorizing the words and rules just came naturally to me. Unfortunately even though I continued after 3 years of high school French with 3 years of it in college, I never had a use for it and lost most of what I know.

Friday’s Blog Prompt: Which class do you think was the hardest?

The hardest class I ever took was Advanced Placement Calculus. I made an A in the class but I never really understood what I was doing. For some reason, I didn’t understand the purpose of why I needed to know this information or why I was in this class (other than the fact that they had no other class to put me in). It never made any sense to me and I never used any of the things I learned so I felt it was pretty useless and a waste of my time in the long run. Of course I loved learning new things and the formulas were easy for me to learn so I guess that is why I kept coming up with the correct answers. The course was a complete mystery to me and no one could understand why I kept telling them I didn’t understand yet still made an A in the class. In fact, my teacher thought I was cheating because of the discrepancy between my attitude and my grade so he kept me after school to give me a quiz (under the guise of “tutoring”) and saw for himself that I was not cheating. I scored high enough on the AP exam to get college credit so I guess in that respect it was useful and saved me money but it was the hardest course I ever took.

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Tink said...

I think Latin was one of my favorite classes. It's a shame they don't offer it anymore.

Tammy said...

No I was not into Calculus at all, but I liked Algebra a lot. My son took Calc and Trig for blow off classes in High School. Yuk!!

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