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Friday, September 25, 2009

Carnival Glory Day 5 Sea Day

There is no way to describe yesterday than utterly perfect. We spent the whole day relaxing before going to 2 comedy shows in the evening before dinner. Then we had dinner with the Captain and his senior staff. I sat beside the Captain and had a wonderful conversation with him! I learned about his family and his life when he is not on the ship. I think what also made it special is that we had been aboard the Liberty in Italy when he was the captain there also. On the other side of me was Ramuna, the head of Guest Relations, who is just fantastic and charming! Don sat between Ramuna and Nickos, the hotel director. The Chief Engineer, the Staff Captain, and another couple also were at our table. Everyone was so warm and personable that I forgot to be nervous anymore (which I really was before dinner because we had never eaten dinner with the Captain and his staff before). Then the Captain must have found out that it was my birthday and after dinner an announcement was made to the whole dining room that the Captain had distinguished guests joining him for dinner and that it was my birthday on Sunday. A birthday cake with candles arrived and it must have been the entire dining room staff that was at our table to sing to me. All of the women at the table also received a red rose. Wow! It was a truly amazing dinner and one that I will never forget.

After dinner, we stopped to take a picture and the Captain and Nickos joined us for a picture. They were totally awesome and made us feel so special. Then we went to 2 more comedy shows because I was pretty wide awake after our dinner. When we arrived back at our room, there was champagne and glasses waiting for us from Nickos. I couldn’t believe it! So we drank champagne and didn’t go to bed until after 3am. I thought I was doing pretty well for a 50 year old lady! LOL

I don’t think any other cruise we go on will ever be able to top this one!

(pictures will be added tomorrow. I'm running out of internet time today!)

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