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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carnival Glory Day 1

We got on board the Carnival Glory about noon and it was such a smooth embarkation. We never waited for anything but quickly went through the procedures and boarded the ship. As soon as we got on the ship we went to see the maĆ®tre’d because we wanted to move to the Golden dining room which was in the middle of the ship. Terrence Roddy, the maitre’d, was wonderful and immediately got us at a big table in the Golden dining room. After that we had lunch on the lido deck and then found our cabin on Deck 8. James the cruise director called and welcomed us to the ship which was so thoughtful! Then we walked around the ship and decided to return back to the cabin to prepare for the muster drill.

While we were there, we got a call from Ramona (head of guest services) who asked us if we would like to be upgraded to a balcony cabin so we were moved. Daniella came and showed us our new cabin as well as getting us new keys. The cabin is beautiful! We have also been showered with gifts of fruit baskets, bottles of wine, and cookies. I know I will weigh a ton when I get off this ship! After the drill, we went to the pool bar and enjoyed some beer while getting to meet the bartenders that were there (Agung from Indonesia and John from Peru).

At 6pm we went to dinner and met the other 3 couples at our table. Max and Wilma are from Indiana, Vicki and Ron are from Hilton Head, and Les and Diane are from Olympia, Washington. They all were about our age and seemed super nice! Dinner was wonderful which is usual for Carnival ships. I love the choices and the tastes. The maitre’d checked on us to make sure that everything was alright. The chef even came out and asked us how dinner was and somehow even knew our name!

After dinner we watched the Live Game Show and then walked around the ship some more. The Welcome Aboard Show was at 10:15 and featured the Carnival singers and dancers as well as a sneak preview of the comedy show. I think the Comedy Show will be a hit and look forward to seeing it. After the show we went to the piano bar and enjoyed the music but then it was about midnight when I turn into a pumpkin so we had to leave. It was a wonderful day!

(will upload pix later - having trouble w/ ship's internet)

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