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Monday, September 14, 2009

Extracurricular Activities

Blog Prompt: What extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

I was in the Drama club and on the Yearbook staff in high school. I was in the drama club for all three years of high school but only on the yearbook staff for my senior year. I remember the Yearbook being much harder than I expected but of course it came out beautiful. At the end of the year we had a grown up party at the advisor’s house and since everyone except me was 18 (legal drinking age way back when) by that time, there was beer for everyone ( but I didn’t like beer and I planned on going to college and heard too many horror stories about drinking and driving so I didn’t drink.).

I loved the drama club because I loved being around the stage. Most of the time I helped build the sets and do whatever was needed backstage. My friends were in charge of the lights so I mainly hung out with them during the shows. A few times I was needed as an extra in a crowd scene and even was in the dance scene of Romeo and Juliet. A few times I helped turn the pages for the pianist during our musicals. My favorite musical that we did was Damn Yankees and to this day, I still love that movie.

Original image: 'waiting for her entrance' by: Ryan Gallagher

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Tink said...

That is one thing I do wish I had taken part in... the drama club.