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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Physical Ed Class

Blog Prompt: Did you have P.E. in junior (middle) and/or high school?

I had PE in junior high and high school and hated every minute of it. Of course I went through the humiliation and bullying in the locker room. Being smaller than most girls, I was a late bloomer in the physical attributes too so they made fun of me. I finally figured out that the “cool” girls were always late to class and the first ones to leave. So if I changed quickly I could be out of there before they arrived and if I helped clean up from the activities, they were gone before I got to the locker room.

Then of course there were the actual activities. My asthma gave me fits if anything involved running like field hockey, or track events. I liked archery but that was about the only thing I could do. I was terrible in team sports and due to my huge coke bottle like glasses, I had no depth perception. I constantly was hit in the face by volleyballs and basketballs. I couldn’t even swing and hit the ball in tennis or softball. Catching a softball in the outfield was a nightmare but the team who was stuck with me usually put me in center field where most girls could not even hit a ball so I was safe. Also in high school we were required to take swimming and I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. Luckily I have eczema and the chlorine in the pool only aggravated my skin condition so I was allowed to do something else.

Needless to say, PE was my most hated subject in all my school years.

Original image: 'jump rope' by: Chad Nicholson


Tink said...

I never would have figured with all the hiking you do now.

Tammy said...

There aren't too many of us who really did like PE