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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monarch of the Seas

(We decided to blog about our travels anyway and just hope that we don’t get robbed so please keep us in your prayers!)

Yesterday We took a shuttle from the hotel to the the port which was included in the price of the room ($89) and then we got to leave our car for free. This was a good deal because it is $15 per day to park our car at the port so we saved a lot of money doing it this way.

I can’t believe how smooth the embarkation procedure went. I brought my knitting and my ipod to entertain me while we stood in long lines or had to sit and wait to board the ship but we never waited or sat. We checked right in and boarded the ship around noon. Our cabins weren’t ready until 1pm so we ate some lunch and walked around the ship.

At 1pm we went to our cabin (3506) and dropped off some stuff before walking around some more. At 4:30 we heard an emergency code announced and right there by the bar there was a woman on the floor. She was not moving at all and seemed to not even be breathing but we never heard if she lived or died. I know we didn’t turn around so I don’t know what happened.
Before dinner we went to the show which was a comedian who was extremely funny! He will be doing a comedy show at 11:30 on Thursday night that I want to go to. I really enjoyed hearing him.

At dinner we sat with three other couples who were very nice. Two couples were just married on Saturday. The third couple has been married for two years. I had a shrimp cocktail and onion soup for starters and then NY strip steak for dinner. Dessert was a chocolate brownie with chocolate mousse sandwiched in it. Yumm!

Blog Prompt: Describe your favorite or most influential teacher.
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Tammy said...

*whispering* Pat, I won't tell anyone. hehehe I so love reading your about your adventures.