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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Favorite Tree and Adventure Day 37

Blog prompt: Today is Arbor Day. Tell about your favorite tree and why it is your favorite.

My favorite tree is an Apple Tree. I always wanted on to climb and hang a swing from its thick limb but I never had one when I was growing up. I also love apples and thought it would be wonderful to have all the apples I wanted. When we bought our first house, we planted an apple tree but then moved before we ever got to get any apples. We don’t have one at our house now because there is nowhere to really have one.

Travel Notes:

We left Moab, UT this morning after going to a Chinese/American breakfast buffet. It was really good and I was surprised to eat Chinese food for breakfast. Then we drove towards Cisco, which is a little town Don remembered from our last visit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as he remembered. We headed on to the Colorado National Monument for the day. The Rim Rock Road traveled right along the edge of the canyon rim throughout the monument and the views were absolutely stunning. Don drove the whole way and since he hates heights so much, he had a death grip on the steering wheel the entire time. (It is no wonder that his wrist hurts tonight and he has blisters on his fingers.)We did a few hikes along the way but finally decided it was time to head for Montrose, UT where we had a reservation at the Hampton Inn. I think we are staying at too many of these when there was a personal note to me on the desk in the room.

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Tink said...

I think Nuke planted apple trees in his yard. He loves them too. :)
I really got a chuckle out of your personal note, LOL.