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Monday, April 06, 2009

Adventure Day 18 (Washington)

We left Seattle, WA this morning and went took a tour of the Boeing plant where they build planes which has the largest building, according to volume, in the world. They said you could fit about 12 Empire State Buildings in it or the entire Disneyland and still have lots of room left over and they have over 30,000 employees who work there. The tour was only $15 per person and it was well worth it. We could see them building the 787 Dream Liner and 747s too. They had a bay for each line of planes. The tour guide said that they were filling an order for 900 planes right now.

After the tour we stopped at Walmart and had to have our oil changed and the tires rotated. Lunch at Wendy’s and filling up for gas was our next stop before we headed for Olympic National Park.

Tonight we are in Port Angeles, WA which is right outside Olympic National Park. We will explore the park tomorrow and hope to go to Cape Flattery which is the northwestern most point on the continental US! You can see our pictures on Flickr HERE

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