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Monday, April 20, 2009

Competition and Adventure Day 33

Blog prompt: Today is the Boston Marathon. Tell about a competition that you participated in and how it turned out for you.

When I was in college I worked in the circulation (also called complaint) department of the local newspaper and there was a competition for selling newspapers subscriptions. The ones who won got a free trip to New York City (from SC) and since I was from NY, I really wanted to win this. I was such a poor college student that I rarely ever got to go home to see any family. I knew this would be a great chance to see my sister so I really worked hard at it. The worst part of this was that I was only a part time employee and had a hard time competing against the full time employees. But, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and won the trip to NYC. While I was there for the weekend, my sister and her family drove into the city from Long Island and met me for lunch. I was so glad that I won that trip!

Travel Notes:

We are spending the night in our tent in Zion National Park and I’m so excited. I think it will be dark enough to see a lot of stars and I hope to be able to identify some constellations. We have hiked all day so I just hope that I can stay awake long enough for it to get really dark. We have met lots of nice people on the trails today which made it a lot of fun too. I was really surprised today to find out how hard the trails really were because I think all of them went straight up. I think the park turned out better than Don expected. We had lunch at the park cafĂ© and then soft serve ice cream. Now we are sitting by our tent watching the sun set. Dinner tonight will be triscuits and cheese (from the can) and chocolate chip cookies. No one said I couldn’t serve up an tasty dinner!

(Will have to download pictures tomorrow. It was taking too long and my computer is almost out of battery power!)

update: Pictures are loaded! You can see more pictures on Flickr - click HERE.


Meg said...

Methinks that Don has a bit of a sweet tooth (specifically one that craves ice cream)! Did you ever get any Marionberry cobler while you were here?

Enjoy your stars!

loonyhiker said...

Of course! After you mentioned it, he had to have marionberry cobbler for dessert at dinner!!! And he loved it!