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Thursday, April 09, 2009

8 accomplishments and Adventure Day 21 (Washington)

Blog prompt: Name eight things that you want to accomplish in the month of April.

1. Visit Olympic National Park.
2. Visit Mr. Ranier National Park.
3. Visit Mt. Saint Helens.
4. Travel along the coast of Oregon.
5. Turn in textbook order for summer classes.
6. Complete at least 5 scrapbook pages.
7. Work on knitted tank top for myself.
8. Meet some of my plurk/twitter friends face to face.

Travel Notes:

This morning we woke up early and decided to do a load of wash while we waited for the museum to open. Even though we killed time, we still got to the museum an hour early. We spent the morning at the Museum of Flight and got to tour a Concorde, Air Force One, and sit in the cockpit of a Blackbird. They had a nice selection of exhibits to look at too. It cost $12 because we had a AAA discount so I gave the $2 off coupons to the family behind us to use (and they appreciated it too!). After eating lunch, we finished looking around and then left for Mt. Rainier.

We saw lots of snow at Mt. Rainier and actually saw the mountain in the sunlight. The guy who worked there told me that we were lucky to see it so clearly and that we needed to head up to Paradise immediately because they were expecting snow tomorrow. If it snowed, more than likely, we wouldn’t be able to get up there. The views were awesome when we got up there but it was scary driving through the walls of snow (because I was wondering what we would do if there was an avalanche). They said if we went out on snow shoes we needed to have locator beacons in case of avalanches but there was no danger of us doing this activity! I took tons of photos and we went on our way.

Then we found this little local place called the Highlander for dinner. Of course after we went in, we realized that it was more of a locals bar than restaurant. I really hoped we would finish dinner because the locals got too liquored up and wanted to take it out on some strangers. We finished dinner and were on our way. The problem is that we were in the middle of nowhere, it was getting dark, and there were no hotels in sight. As we traveled down the road, a herd of Elk ran in front of our car which was pretty cool! We finally arrived in Kelso, WA after 9pm and found a Best Western (which has been usually pretty good) but this one was on the iffy side. As soon as we got here, some car pulled up beside our car and then sat there for about 15 minutes before finally letting 2 young guys out. We also have a sliding window in our room that barely locks so we jammed a door jam (that I always bring with me) in the window and hopes it will keep bad people out. Now I’m so paranoid, I probably won’t get any sleep.

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.


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Tink said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that you had such a bad day and night. But at least the scenery was gorgeous and you got headed out the next day. I really enjoy your travel notes and it looks like you are keeping to your 8 list. :)