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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adventure Day 32 (Utah)

We made it to Zion National Park but I didn’t realize that we weren’t at the part with the free shuttle. We drove down the scenic road and did some hiking. The rocks were beautiful and so was the weather. We talked to some people who lived above Salt Lake City and then some others who lived in northern California. After hiking we drove up the road to Cedar Breaks National Monument but the road was closed due to lots of snow. As we drove up the road, the scenery was awesome and it was fun to watch the snow accumulation grow as we headed up the mountain. When we reached the part where the road was closed, we were able to watch this guy on his snowmobile. When we returned to Cedar City (where our hotel was), we stopped at an antique store and Walmart (to replenish some supplies). Tomorrow we will head south to the southern part of Zion National Park. For more pictures on Flickr – click HERE.

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