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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adventure Day 24 (Oregon)

We had a wonderful night at the Comfort Inn in Lincoln City, OR. After breakfast, we headed south along the coast t meet my friend Meg. We’ve talked on line for a couple of years so I was really excited to finally meet her. We were going to go to the outlet mall on the way there, but decided to skip it until another time. We thought we left with plenty of time but we kept pulling over to look at the scenery that we decided we needed to just go on with plans of visiting at another time. We arrived about 11am and then we drove to the beach to see what treasures we could find. The big treasure was this crab. Emma and George got wet but you could tell they really enjoyed exploring and searching. It’s amazing when you view the world through a child’s eyes. After that we returned back to the house so the kids could change clothes and then we went to Mo’s for lunch. I ate clam chowder with shrimp in it and it was really good! We really enjoyed being around the two kids and they were so well behaved and a lot of fun. After lunch it was time to leave them and head out for more adventures.

Then we headed back north so we could go to the places we drove by this morning. We thought we would stay at the same hotel as we did last night since it was so comfortable. Then we can mosey down the coast and stop at all the lighthouses and beach overlooks. There were a few interpretive centers we want to stop at and do a few hikes along the way. We stopped by the Tanger Outlet Mall to get our giftcards because of our AAA membership but the office wasn’t open this weekend. We found another Mo’s for dinner which we really enjoyed. I think all that fresh air wore me out though so we will have an early night.

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Tink said...

Oh what a wonderful day and Meg looks great. Maybe one of these days I'll get up that way and get to see her too :)