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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Karma and Adventure Day 19 (Washington)

Blog prompt: (April 4 was Tangible Karma Day) Giving of your time, of your love, of your talents, of your “extras”… Tangible Karma™ Day celebrates when giving feels as good as receiving. What will you do today to increase your karma?

I really didn’t have any big plan since we are traveling and on the road. If I saw a chance to say hello and smile at someone I did. Tonight we did laundry and when I moved someone’s clothes to the dryer (I waited for about 10 minutes and they never showed up), I found a quarter in the washer and made sure they got it. Other than that, I really didn’t have a lot of chances to increase my karma today but will continue tomorrow.

Travel Notes:

This morning we headed into Olympic National Park and stopped at the visitor center in Port Angeles. I was disappointed that Hurricane Ridge was closed and only open on the weekends until May so we did a short hike near the ranger station. Then we headed west around the park. Our next adventure was up the road near Elwha where they will be taking out two dams and restoring it to their original state for the salmon. There was a trail to Madison Falls which was a lovely waterfall. As we continued our drive we saw a bald eagle and a lot of deer. Our next hike was to Marymere Falls which was also pretty. The views around Lake Crescent were awesome. We stopped in Beaver, WA for lunch at the Hungry Bear Café and the food was really great. After lunch we headed to Forks for some gas before we headed to Rialto Beach. There were huge amounts of driftwood and rock statues emerging in the ocean. I expected the Pacific Ocean to be peaceful but the water looked angry and violent today. While we were there, the fog rolled in and made everything look mysterious. We are spending the night in Forks, WA which is the setting for the book Twilight. I had forgotten where it took place even though I read the book but there are lots of reminders all around town. We picked up a rotisserie chicken to eat in our hotel room while we did laundry because the motel has a guest laundry.

The laundry chore was an adventure too. I had to wait for the washers to finish so I could use one of them but the owners of the clothes never came. I took the clothes out of 2 washers and put them in 2 dryers so I could wash clothes. Another couple from England came and did the same with the last one. It was really strange because this couple seemed to have no clothes on except the towels wrapped around them. When we returned about 30 minutes later, the clothes were still sitting in the dryers but no one had come to turn them on so we moved them to the top of the dryers and dried our clothes. Meanwhile these three women came in and used 2 washers to wash their clothes. About 10 minutes after we put our clothes in the dryer, the owners of the first batch of clothes came in. The man was in a construction worker’s truck and asked how much longer we had left for the dryer. I told him about 40 minutes and he left (This was an hour after I had taken all his clothes out of the washers!). I was so thankful when our clothes were dry and we could leave. There were 5 loads of wash to be dried and only 3 dryers there when we left. Not my problem since all my clothes were washed and dried. I love having clean clothes!

Tomorrow we plan to hike in the Hoh Rainforest. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! Have a nice night!

To see more pictures on Flickr – click HERE.


Meg said...

LOL, love your laundry adventure! Reminded me of dorm life in college! And the Pacific Ocean is never what I would consider peaceful, not up here anyway. It brings peace, but it's always crashing and dark. Far different from the Atlantic, I was amazed when we lived on the East Coast!

Tink said...

I remember laundry shop days. And don't wish to repeat it, LOL. Glad you are still have a grand time.