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Monday, April 27, 2009

Learning Chinese and Adventure Day 40

Blog prompt: Today is Morse Code Day. Do you know another language? If so, how long have you known it? If not, tell one that you would like to learn and why.

I have wanted to learn how to speak Chinese for a long time so last fall I took a Mandarin course. I had the best teacher who was patient and willing to help. In fact, I had such a good time in the course that she let me sit in the course again the second time she taught it. Since then, we have become friends and she has gone out of the way to help me some more outside of class. Then I left for this huge trip and I haven’t been able to talk to her or practice any Chinese lately. I hope that when I get home and she returns from her trip to China, we can meet some more to practice.

Travel Notes:

We left for Great Sand Dunes National Park this morning. We had a lovely drive across the mountains again but it wasn’t as treacherous as the other day. On the way, we stopped in Alamosa, CO to shop in two antique stores. Don found lots of treasures that he is excited about. After that we head to the National Park and was amazed. We hadn’t expected to see this huge sand dune with a creek running along the bottom. On the side of the dune was a snow covered mountain with trees too. The ranger says there are bears and bobcats in the park too. We are spending the night at in Pueblo, CO. Maybe tomorrow we will go to the Pueblo Zoo.

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Tink said...

How wonderful that you have someone near that can work with you on learning the language of your ancestors. I have considered purchasing Rosetta Stone (my son said that is the program the Marines use) to learn Japanese. Then I could talk to my granddaughter in two languages. :)