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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cleaning Bathrooms and Adventure Day 20 (Washington)

Blog prompt: Today is No Housework Day. What is one household chore would you love never having to do again and why?

The one thing I despise doing is cleaning the bathrooms and we have three of them. It is not that it is hard but I just hate to do it. I think because that was my job since I was old enough to do chores. It isn’t fair that I have to clean bathrooms my whole life! Of course, if I waited for my husband to clean them, they would never get clean. I’m glad he isn’t a picky husband and complains about how often I clean the house. I think it bothers me a lot more than it does him.

Travel Notes:

We ate a really cute restaurant for breakfast called The Coffee Pot. This is the restaurant mentioned in the movie Twilight (only the lady told me that it is called the café in the movie). The picture of the place is in the Directors notes from the movie but none of the movie was filmed in town. The director came to Forks to get an idea of what the town was like for the movie. It was really foggy and mysterious this morning which made me think it was a great setting for a vampire story. After breakfast, Don checked the tires and said we were getting a flat so we had to get it fixed. Within an hour, we were on our way again.

Then we headed to the Hoh rainforest and did some hiking there. Along the trail we came across this big elk. I don’t think it was afraid of us but did watch us as it ate. The trees were covered in hanging moss and looked beautiful! After that, we headed to the Quinault rainforest and did some more hiking. The weather has been beautiful today. It was sunny and warm for what I imagined Washington would be like.

We went to the Cabela’s store in Lacey, WA so I could buy another pair of zip-off pants and they were only $29! Don couldn’t find any in the right length so he didn’t get any. Then we headed to Seatac to find a hotel. We are staying in Best Western and it seems pretty nice.

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.


Meg said...

Oh! We lived in Lacey when we were first married and Emma was born! I am living this part of the trip with you!!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness what a great trip you are taking Pat. I can't wait till Twilight comes out at Netflix. I loved the book so much. And get those bathrooms cleaned. hehehe

Tink said...

The Princess is going to be so thrilled that you were really there. She has probably asked me a dozen times a day if there really was such a place.

I'm with you on the bathroom, but I still think I hate doing floors more, LOL

Beachcomber said...

I'm enjoying your pictures and where you all are travelling to. I haven't been to WA yet but looking at your pictures and reading your blog I want to go now.

Cleaning bathrooms is not one of my favortie chores. Luckily we only have one bathroom.