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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Adventure Day 38 - Colorado

This morning we headed out to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. I didn’t realize that the elevation was so high and the gorge dropped so radically. There were patches of snow all along the road and it was pretty cold up there. In fact, I changed out of my shorts and tshirt for blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt. We did a few hikes and the views were spectacular. At the visitorthe Million Dollar Highway through Silverton. The road became very curvy, narrow, and had sheer drop-offs on the center we watched a 24 minute video about the park that was really interesting. After the park, we headed towards Durango along side. You can only imagine Don’s death grip on the steering wheel after yesterday. Finally, he let me drive for a little while through the scariest part. I didn’t get to drive long before he decided to drive again. Of course I think it was because the road got wider and did not have anything to do with my driving! We arrived in Durango pretty early and drove around town. We ate dinner at a place called Serious Texas BBQ which had great tasting food and pretty reasonably priced. When we left dinner, there was snow swirling around us so I’m glad we are over the mountain and not on the other side. We are comfortably tucked in a Hampton Inn (it isn’t as good as the one we were in yesterday and did not seem as good quality as some of the others that we have stayed in) and may take a train ride tomorrow.

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.


Beachcomber said...

Sounds like you had quite an adventure today. I don't do well on windy roads. Even if I am driving I still get car sick. :( But you can't beat the views.

Karen (karooch from scraps of mind) said...

Oh Wow! What a spectacular view down that gorge Pat. I can only imagine how steep and windy the roads ;must be in that terrain. no wonder Don had a death grip on the steering wheel.

Tink said...

Fantastic pictures. Glad you got over the mountains before the snow.