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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kindergarten Kid and Adventure Day 34

Blog prompt: Today is Kindergarten Day. If you could act like a child in kindergarten, what would you like to do today?

I would play and laugh as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I would not think of any of the ugliness or the meanness that is in the news. I would enjoy every one I met and only see the good in them!

Travel Notes:

We got up early this morning and headed to Bryce Canyon National Park. We went through a mile long tunnel and were able to look out the windows into the canyon. When we got to the other side, we hiked to the canyon overlook which was about a mile hike. The views were outstanding. When we got here we found a room at Ruby’s Inn which is an historic place right outside the park. Then we drove along the scenic road in the park and stopped at most of the overlooks. The scenery is awesome. Tomorrow we plan to do some mega hiking but today we are just trying to get used to the high altitude since we are almost at 10,000 feet. We relaxed this evening and did a load of laundry.

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.

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