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Monday, July 30, 2007

Different "Hats"

Blog Prompt: How many different 'hats' will you wear today? Will you be mom, grandma, employee, employer..etc. How do you balance all of it?

1. Wife: My favorite hat to wear. I enjoyed having breakfast and lunch with my honey! I will be cooking him dinner tonight also and we will enjoy our 3 mile walk after dinner.
2. Retired teacher: I went by my old school to pick up my last pay stubs and arrange to get the last of my materials from my classroom.
3. Boss's Wife: When I go to my hubby's office, his staff treat me like I'm a queen! (which I don't expect them to do since I'm usually wearing these dirty blue jean shorts from gardening and a sweaty ol' tshirt!)
4. Volunteer: I went by the nursing home and arranged to play my accordion once a week during their lunch. (Just like a fine dining restaurant!).
5. Library User: I use the public library a lot and I'm in the middle of re-reading the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book.
6. Gardener: I did go out and weed some of the flowerbeds this morning before going out to breakfast.
7. Web designer: I designed a web page for our rental property (My hubby has been asking me to do this for about 2 years).
8. Aunt: I keep in touch with niece and nephew through email and AIM.
9. Scrapbooker: I am trying to do a page a day and learn new skills through DSP and Digital Scrapbooking magazine.
10. Relaxed and Lazy retired person: I'm thinking about laying down and possibly taking a nap (if it happens, it happens) while I watch whatever strikes my fancy on TV.


Katrina said...

#10 sounds good to me. After everything else you've done today you've earned it.

heather said...

Oh yes, when I read #10 I was insanely jealous for a moment LOL Sounds like retirement is pretty good :)

CompooperTeacher said...

So many hats! And you wear them all so effortlessly!

Stephani said...

WOW! What a cool post! You are one amazing person! So many cool hats!

mom2triplets04 said...

wow you wore many hats. I too have been going to the library more often. I started to bring the kids to story time which they love once a week. I unfortunately don't have time to read but have taken out 2 books on piano playing. Yes, I'm teaching myself piano. Doing at least 15 minutes a day well it really turns out to be like 30-45 minutes but I've been skipping days. Learning a lot so far. Can you come over my house and weed? My mom usually takes care of my gardens and she hasn't been around since it's now summer. It so needs to be weeded but can't do it while kids are awake. Last time I did it myself I got poisin ivory and I dont' want the kids to get it.