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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Beauty seen as a child vs. adult

Blog Prompt: How have your ideas of what is beautiful changed since you were a child?

When I was a child, I thought only store bought clothes were beautiful. At the time, my mother made most of my clothes. Other kids had name brand fancy clothes but not me. I used to tell my mother about some of them and she would try her best to make the same things for me. I even used to cut out pictures from magazines or store flyers to show her. Even though the home made clothes were close, they were not the same. Now that I look back as an adult, I see beauty in the love of my mother in trying to give me what I wanted. I realize now that we couldn't afford all of those clothes and how much time and sacrifices my parents made so that I could have what I did have. That love for me is what I think beautiful is now.

I also thought curly hair was the most beautiful hair ever, especially hair that was as dark as mine. I was the only Chinese girl in any of my classes and since I was the oddball, I was made fun of most of the time. Now as an adult, I see things much differently. Years ago I lost all of my hair and told it would never grow back (but they were wrong). Now I just appreciate having hair and I don't care if it is curly or straight or even what color it is. I don't mind now that I'm the different one in a crowd because I am proud of my heritage.


glynis said...

It is amazing how we see things so differently through adult eyes, isn't it? You obviously had/have a lot of love in your family..and it is evident in who you've become. What a wonderful post.

*love2scrap* said...

my mom made my clothes from the time I was a child until after I had children. I didn't like it when I was a kid for the same reasons as you had. But when I was older, I realized I was one of a kind and really miss it. Also I realized how much time she spent for me. Selflessly giving...

great entry... (I still don't like my hair but I don't really want to lose it to like it so I will try to like it more!)

Tink said...

Wonderful post.