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Friday, January 29, 2010


puzzles Blog Prompt: Today is National Puzzle Day. Do you like to solve puzzles? Why or why not?

I like puzzles and feel it very satisfying when I can solve it. I love jigsaw puzzles and putting them together because it brings back lots of great memories of my mother. I remember living at home and helping her work on them. I also like word searches and crossword puzzles because when I’m done, it makes me feel like I accomplished something. I haven’t done well with Sudoku puzzles though but I try them every once in awhile.

If I ever run into a challenge in my own life, I try to imagine it just as a giant puzzle and approach it with the same strategies. It helps me look at the situation differently and more objectively. Again, when it is solved, it makes me feel really good.

Original image: 'Puzzle' by: Liza

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