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Thursday, January 28, 2010


garbage Blog Prompt: What would people think if they went through your garbage?

They would think that we eat a lot of junk food! We don’t have a lot of cooked food waste because I have a worm bin for most of the food and I also have been learning to cook in smaller portions so we eat most of what I cook. Any paper I have usually gets shredded and put in the worm bin also. Only meat scraps and containers go in the garbage. I have finally been going through a lot of my teacher stuff from when I retired two years ago and throwing a lot of old materials. It is almost a relief to finally sort through all of that.

Original image: 'bar sixty two' by: Jes


Tammy said...

Oh cool!! You have one of those worm farms. Do you put the worms in your garden? My hubby's grandpa use to have a worm farm for a business and on the weekends he would have to go there and count 50 worms for each box. He hated that. Even though he was a little boy.

loonyhiker said...

@Tammy No, I use red wigglers and they would be eaten by the bigger earthworms. I have two plywood boxes (2'x2'x4') and have probably 100,000 or more worms. I sift the worm poop out in the spring and use it as natural fertilizer for all my gardens.