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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days

rain Blog Prompt: It has been rainy here this week. Tell what you like to do on rainy days.

I don’t like cold rainy days and try not to go anywhere outside my house unless I have to. When it is rainy, I love to start the day with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. Then I cover up with a blanket and read a good book. After awhile, I get tired of doing that so I will play on my computer. When it is time to shift to something different, I will knit and watch a movie on TV. During all of these activities, I usually have some kind of junk food by my side. If I get really cold, I like to get in the hot tub and relax. The heat envelopes me and keeps me warm usually for the rest of the day.

Original image: 'yellow umbrella' by: Michael Backhaus

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