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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


cheese Blog Prompt: Today is Cheese Day. What is your favorite cheese and why?

I love cheese but cheese doesn’t always love me. As I mentioned before, Asians have trouble digesting dairy products so we never had much cheese in our house when I was growing up. As a college student, I worked for Hickory Farms and learned a lot about cheese. I love havarti cheese but it is more expensive than I am willing to pay. I keep a lot of extra sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese in my refrigerator. I eat a little bit when I’m craving cheese.

Original image: '"Hanging Cheese" - this is a category of cheese?' by: Brett L.

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Stephanie said...

Yummmm ... one of my favorite topics, alongside some good wine of course! I discovered some new cheeses while living in France, and miss them here. I just can't afford to pay the prices for those "speciality" cheeses (they were SO cheap in France). So, now we eat mostly Cabot cheddar. They are the only company that I can find easily that offeres a low fat block of cheddar.