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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Cat’s Questions

kitten Blog Prompt: Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? What kind of questions would a cat have if it could ask?

1. Why are you so grumpy?

2. Why do women need makeup?

3. Why don’t you just lie around and enjoy the feel of the sun on your body?

4. Why don’t people hug each other more?

5. Why don’t people purr when they are content?

6. Why don’t you spend more time playing with the little things instead of worrying about the big stuff?

7. Why do you eat so much?

8. Why don’t you spend more time with me?

9. Why do you work so hard?

10. Can’t you give me something tastier to eat than that yucky canned food?

Original image: 'kitten' by: Art Siegel


lis said...

Why do yo always shout when Bob leaves a little mark? He just wants to let us all know he was there!
Why can't furniture be usec as scratching posts?
Why cant you spend all day in bed so we get big cuddles whenever we want?

Tammy said...

Why do you scream every time I leave one of my catches on the back porch?

Why do you always have to pull my hair when you comb through my matted hair?

Why do I have to live outdoors when that DOG lives indoors?

You want me eat that?

Beachcomber said...

Hmmm sometimes I wonder if cats have any thoughts at all. LOL