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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

St. Thomas 12/9/08

We planned to go snorkeling at Coki Beach but when we arrived it was raining. So we had a change of plans and went shopping instead. We took a cab to town ($10 pp) and walked all around town, There were a couple of light rain showers which made it humid when it was over. The saddest sight was when a lady backed out of a parking space and squished a baby chick. That was awful! Since it was still early we decided to walk the few miles back to the ship. When we reached Crown Bay where the ship was docked, I noticed lettuce along the rocks near the water. Then we watched large iguanas come up to eat the lettuce. It was really neat to watch them. Then we returned just in time to get lunch. At 4:30, I joined some other women for the Sit, Knit and Stitch sesson. The 7pm show was a comedian and his duck and he was pretty funny. Dinner was delightful but Yanos came alone since Helena was sleeping. I had hoped to go to the Indonesian Crew show but I was too tired.

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