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Monday, December 08, 2008

Half Moon Cay 12/7/08

It was a beautiful day at the beach! This island is a private island just for Holland America guests and we tendered over about 8:30am. At first I was a little chilly so we sat in our lounge chairs and people watched. Isn’t it amazing what some people will wear just because they don’t know anyone and hope they never see these people again! I want to tell them that they shouldn’t be caught dead in these outfits, but Don would kill me! When the Eurodam anchored near us, I was afraid that we would have to share the beach with another ship and was disappointed since it would be so crowded. But apparently we didn’t have to because they were just making an emergency medical stop. Shortly after, a helicopter appeared and must have taken the person away. Then the Eurodam left. Another poor person had a ruined vacation.

We walked along the beach and waded in the water before finally deciding that the water was warm enough to swim in. Getting our snorkel equipment, we finally took the plunge and once you get in the water, it doesn’t feel cold (or you are too numb to notice). The fish that were swimming all around us was beautiful. It looked like there were lots of angel fish and the only angel fish I was ever near was in our fish aquarium. There were also huge fish that swam by and one man said that it looked like mackerel. After an hour, I finally got cold and we got out to warm up. Swimming makes me hungry so we walked up to the island barbecue (put on by the ship so it was free) which is always good. I had two pieces of steak and lots of fruit while Don just had hamburger. After eating it was time to rest (also known as take a nap) on the beach. When the clouds came in, we finally returned to the beach.

At 3pm, was the afternoon tea party which was nice. Then we checked out some DVDs to watch in our cabin if we got bored. We watched one movie before dinner and then had to dress for formal night. The Captain’s champagne toast was before dinner and then the show was at 7pm. The comedienne was pretty funny and we enjoyed the show. When we arrived at dinner, we were sorry to see that our table was still occupied and they had to put the four of us at another table. I hope that doesn’t happen again tonight.

Today is a day at sea so we will just rest and relax!


Stephanie said...

I so want to cruise like you are able to. Mike hasn't ever been on a cruise! We hope to try in a couple of years when the girls are a little older. Until then, KEEP THOSE STORIES AND PICTURES COMING!!

Liz McCoy said...

oh my word that looks soooo nice!!! and WARM! I'm sitting here freezing in my office sooo wanting to be where you are LOL! Glad you're enjoying yourself!! Thanks for sharing!