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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

St. Thomas 12/2/08

We had a glorious day in St. Thomas yesterday! We went to Coki Beach to do some snorkeling and met another couple from Titusville, FL. The husband was from Hong Kong and knew the village that my father was from in China. We had a wonderful talk and exchanged email addresses. Philip mentioned a movie from Bill Moyer on PBS called The American Experience that I should watch about some Chinese history so I will be looking for it when I get home. After lots of snorkeling and lots of Corona, we decided it was time to return to the ship. I was starving by the time we got back so we ate a few pieces of pizza for our lunch about 4:30pm. Of course we had to have our power nap or we would never had been able to stay up until 1:30am (especially since I am still getting up at 5am). So we had a nap until dinner time. Penn and Ginny ate at the Pinnacle Supper Club so we ate alone in the dining room and had an enjoyable dinner. Our maitre’d Constantine sang Fly Me to the Moon and he was wonderful! I think he is the first maitre’d that we have had that sang to us. Then the servers sand Shake Shake Shake and our server Bianca even got up on the table and danced. They were great! After dinner we went to the show and then the midnight comedy show featuring Happy Cole. He was so funny! By 1am, it was definitely time for the end of a wonderful day!

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