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Sunday, December 21, 2008

HAL Statendam 12/19/08

The last day of the cruise was a sea day so I woke up as usual and finished up my computer time (at .40 per minute meaning I have spent $400 this past month for internet!). Then I tried to wake Don up for breakfast around 7am but couldn’t so I went without him. At 8am, I was going down to wake him up when he got off the elevator. By the time he was finished, it was time for the Debarkation Talk. At 11:30 we had a Mariners luncheon in the dining room (past guest lunch) and we had a nice time. After lunch I went to a card making arts and crafts session. When I got back to the room, Don had already started packing. It only took us about an hour to pack and then we went to the movie theater. We saw the movie Swing Vote with Kevin Costner and it was really cute. After the movie, we just sat around our cabin and watched TV until it was time to get ready for dinner. Since Don started drinking around 11:30, he was feeling no pain at this time. Our dinner was the special Chef’s dinner where we were all given Chef’s hats and the dining stewards entertained us. When we returned to our cabin, we put our locked luggage in the hallway and went to bed.

Getting off the ship wasn’t too bad. We had an early breakfast and got off the ship around 9am. As we were leaving, a woman collapsed in the stairwell where we were and a doctor had to be called. When we got out of Customs and Immigration, my parents were outside waiting to pick us up and away we went.

It has been a wonderful month of cruising. We had fun but I’m glad we are on dry land and heading home in about a week. I miss home and the mountains.

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