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Thursday, December 18, 2008

HAL Statendam 12/17/08

Yesterday was just a lazy day at sea. After breakfast, Don went back to bed. I sat on the back deck and read my book and talked to a banker named Klaus (not Santa Claus, or maybe it was). There were rain showers on an off but I was under a sheltered area so it didn’t matter. When Don finally got up, we watched some movie with Tina Fey about a surrogate mother (but I never got the name because we missed the beginning). Then it was time for lunch. After lunch we watched the movie Leathernecks with George Clooney and it was okay, especially since it was filmed in my hometown. After that movie, it was time for a snack so we went and had a hamburger and fries. We took chips and salsa back to our room to watch the movie The Golden Compass. By this time it was time to get ready for the show and dinner. The show had technical difficulties again and had to restart after the middle of the first number. The curtain in front of the set wouldn’t open and while the guy was in the middle of singing, they dropped the curtain on him! We heard ladders and people screaming back stage as they tried to fix it. Finally they got it fixed but we were still late to dinner because the show ran late.

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