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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Curacao 12/15/08

We had a fantastic day in Curacao with our friends Karin and Joseph. We called them from the lobby of a hotel and Karin said to wait for them in front of the Iguana Café near the floating bridge. When we got to the bridge, it was open so we had to take the ferry across. While we were waiting we saw a government protest with a motorcade but we left the city soon afterwards.

Joseph drove us to a fort at the top of a mountain and we looked down on the city and the port. After that we stopped to see iguanas, donkeys and pigs and we had a beer. It was neat to see these small yellow bellied birds eat sugar. We also walked in a whale museum. Then we drove to the north shore and we saw the coast. The water was rough and the waves were high. The power of the water was magnificent. Joseph found some barrel cactuses with fruit in them and he picked them for us to eat. They had a sweet jelly flavor and texture. Then we hiked to a natural bridge.

For lunch we stopped at Jaanchies which was wonderful. The restaurant had no glass in the windows and outside each window was a bird feeder. When the owner poured sugar in each feeder, the birds loved it! We saw turtle doves, orioles, and a yellow bellied kind of bird. We had some kind of grouper, shrimp in garlic, and rice with beans. It all tasted wonderful. The owner’s son gave Karin and me a small wooden parrot.

After lunch we went to a pier where they were selling huge fish. It was interesting to see how big it was. Then we went to look at more scenery. In the afternoon, we stopped at a beach and swam in the warm water. Joseph and Don swam to a cave but I got tired and chickened out. Don said it was really neat in the cave. We shared a bottle of wine and watched the sun set. After the beach, we stopped at Joseph and Karin’s house and saw their magnificent wood spiral staircase. We also met their two German shepherds.

Unfortunately, it was time for them to return us to the ship but we had a great time together. I hope I can repay their kindness and generosity when they come to visit Greenville. I think Curacao is my favorite port but it may be because we will always have such great memories of our visit.


Stephanie said...

We had our honeymoon there. We went to scuba dive, and didn't give the island enough of our time. We did take a driving tour one day, but that was it. I'd love to go back. So cool that you had friends there to show you around.

Beachcomber said...

Another nice Island. My Mom and I were on a bicycle cruise and she fell off her bike and broke her ankle so we had to get off the ship in Curacao so she could have it operated on. They have the best Doctors. We spent a week there while she recuperated.