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Monday, December 01, 2008

Carnival Splendor 11/30/08

Yesterday was another lazy day at sea. We ate breakfast with Penn in the dining room at 8:30 and then we went walking on the track. After strolling around the deck and looking around the ship, we ate lunch in the dining room. The desert was wonderful (ice cream with chocolate and bing cherries). After lunch we walked around the ship some more and then it was time to go to the Lobby Bar to meet the entire cruise critic group that I had talked to online since we booked the cruise. Then I went to the slot tournament so we could play but found out that it was over because the times were wrong in our schedule. After that, we went to watch the Battle of the Sexes which was a trivia game. Don and I didn’t participated but we watched. By this time it was time for a nap until the Captain’s cocktail party which was nice. Don and I got to talk to Guna (the Hotel Director who sent us a huge fruit basket to our cabin) and Charlene (in charge of group events). We finally got to the dining room for dinner and I had lobster tail and prime rib (no wonder I’m gaining weight!). The show at 10:30 was wonderful with lots of singing and dancing and then we went to the comedy show at midnight. By 1am, I was pretty tired. Today we are going to arrive in San Juan around 5pm so I hope we will get to meet up with Yolanda and Mike who live there.

(I will add pictures tomorrow to yesterday and today's post. I forgot my camera in the dark cabin yesterday and today I have the camera and forgot the cable to download the pictures onto my computer!)

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