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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Life as a Teenager

My teenage years were very sheltered even though I was a very spoiled child. My oldest sister who was 24 passed away with lupus at the beginning of my 10th grade year. My parents were devastated so I did my best to be the perfect child. Open rebellion was never an option because I wanted to make it up to them for having to bury a child. I think at the time, it was so traumatic for me that a lot of those years are very hard to remember. My mother did not drive and my father worked nights so I remember that when I got my license I drove my mother to her friend's house and picked her up a lot. I was always expected to be at home before dark if I was out with my friends. My first date was my senior prom which turned out to be a real dud. I had a middle sister who was married with 2 small children and she did her best to run interference for me and help make my life as normal as possible. I studied a lot in order to earn scholarships to go away to college. I felt that was my only way of escaping because I felt so smothered by my parents. I always knew they loved me but as a teenager, I felt they loved me too much. Now that my mother has passed away, I really regret how much I resented that love during those times. If we only knew then what we know now...


heather said...

Welcome back from your hike Pat! Sounds like you were placed in a difficult role as the daughter trying to make up for your parents loss... don't be too hard on your teenage self, I'm sure your mother would be so proud of where you are now :)

Lani said...

thanks for sharing that story with us. those must have been some difficult times for you.