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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I love to exercise but it is finding time to do it that is the problem. Of course my favorite exercise is hiking. When we can, my hubby and I go camping and hiking on the weekends if it isn't raining. Now that it is summer, I can go hiking with my hiking club on Wednesdays (they hike on Wed., Sat., and Sun.).

Every morning I get up and walk about 2 miles on my treadmill. On Mon. Wed. (during the school year), and Fri. I add some aerobic exercises to my walking. At first I dreaded those days because they were so hard but now they actually make the time go by faster and the days I just walk are my boring days. Even if we go away on business trips, I try to find the exercise room at the hotel so I can walk on the treadmill. It gives me energy for the day and if I don't walk, I notice I'm not as alert during the day and my back aches.

I have just started to do some yoga in the evenings. I bought this book a few years ago called Yoga for Dummies and I do some of the routines. I go through these phases where I do yoga for awhile and then I don't have time and let it lapse so I'm back to try again. I feel like I'm losing flexibility and I need to relax so since I've enjoyed the yoga exercises, I'm back to trying it again.

I also exercise to try to keep my weight down. I'm really self concious about my weight but I have very little will power. I try to ask my hubby not to buy some stuff but he likes it so he buys it anyway. I just can't seem to resist so I keep exercising to help balance everything out.


glynis said...

You're a lot more disciplined than I am, Pat! I admire you!

Tink said...

Why is it that hubbys always seem to what to buy you what you are most trying to stay away from? And is that a properly framed question?

Deanna said...

wow good for you Pat....2 miles every day..your my hero!!!!

Laura Lou said...

I agree about the Yoga. I bought a tape called, "Yoga for the Rest of Us" for those who are old, infirm, or disabled. They show how to adapt the routines by doing just the arms (wheelchair people), standing with a chair for balance (for those just starting) and doing them alone for the ones better fit. I love it!!

Bethy said...

It's all about balance, isn't it! Exercising and being moderate gives you the freedom to splurge on those hubby bought treats!!

Thanks for an inspiring post!

Rusheika said...

Very inspiring!