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Friday, June 23, 2006

10 Best Things I've Done Since I've Turned 40

I have to say that I've enjoyed life to the fullest so it was hard to narrow this down to 10. Of course these are not listed in any kind of priority.
  1. I've been to China for the first time (30 day tour) and learned alot about my heritage.
  2. I went to Italy for 3 weeks last summer and loved it!
  3. I was named South Carolina Special Ed Teacher of the Year in 2000 and in 2005 I was a runner up for the title again.
  4. This year I was named Teacher of the Year for my school and a Top 10 finalist for my district of almost 5000 teachers. (The winner will be announced in August).
  5. I have traveling around Alaska in a motorhome for a week and then a cruise down the Inside Passage
  6. We've been taking a cruise at least once a year.
  7. I've learned how to do digital scrapbooking!
  8. I've learned more about gardening than I ever thought I would and enjoy my flower gardens.
  9. I left my old job of 11 years and came to a school closer to my home which means I am more involved in my students lives since I live in the same community and this helps me be a better teacher.
  10. Officially retired from teaching as of July 1, 2006, even though I will return for one more year!


Kristen said...

What a great list! Love all the traveling. And congrats on all the teaching awards.

Tink said...

Chill bumps. what a wonderful list. Oh to see some of your heritage, that is priceless. And to be where you can really be part of your students lives. Up until about 10 years ago, I kept in contact with most of my teachers from elementary, junior high and high school.

Judyy said...

Wow--you rock! Love hearing about your travels, and would love to hear even more sometime. Isn't the Inside Passage spectacular?

Once a teacher, always a teacher!

Sandra said...

Congrats on your teaching honors!!! I hope you enjoy retirement next year!!

Bonnie said...

Well done on the teaching awards. What a nice accomplishment. And as for the cruise once a year, wow,lovely, can't you take me with???

glynis said...

Awesome list, Pat! Way to go!

Laura Lou said...

What an inspiration! I suspect you will be just as busy after you "really" retire.

heather said...

Congratulations Pat. You have achieved so much.

Lani said...

Pat you should be extremely proud of that list. If ive done half those things by the time im your age id be happy!

Bethy said...

Teaching honors and travel - you have a FANTASTIC list! Thanks for sharing - it was most interesting to read!