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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

3 Ways to Compliment Me

I have a hard time with compliment because most of the time I don't really feel that I deserve them. Also, so many people give compliments that aren't sincere and use them mostly as a way for small talk. But if someone was to compliment me, it would mean alot to me if:
1) They compared me to someone that I admire or I feel does a great job! I have an assistant principal who could sell ice to an Eskimo and they would leave smiling and feeling valued. If someone says that I'm a lot like her, I am truly honored.
2) They can actually tell me why they feel they had to compliment me. Sometimes adding the word "because" helps me understand what I'm doing right and I know that this is not an empty compliment.
3) Ask me if they can imitate whatever I did. When I do a lesson in class that is really great and another teacher asks if she can do that in her classroom, I am thrilled.
My other problem is knowing how to respond to compliments. I usually say Thank You but sometimes feel embarrassed because either I don't feel like I deserve it or I feel lik saying thank you doesn't show how much their compliment means to me. Oh well, I'll keep working on that.

PS: I didn't get the pine needles and plants yesterday and I didn't call the Sears man but other than that, I got everything else done on my list!


glynis said...

I'm the same way about responding to compliments. I usually try to turn it around like I didn't do anything, or I just move on with the conversation. I need to learn to just say 'Thank you'.

ArtcMom said...

You know what they say- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Tink said...

If you work out how to accept a compliment, I want lessons. As it is I try to be very sincere with my Thank You.

heather said...

I'm not sure whether to give you a compliment now, in case you don't really believe me!! But, sincerely, from reading your blog you have inspired me as a teacher because of your positive attitude to your students AND I am now organising a group of friends to go bushwalking with because you have enthused me to get going and do it. (Just say thank-you!! LOL)

Zephanee said...

Isn't it nice for another teacher to ask to use your ideas? I remember being the youngest kindergarten teacher out of 7 one year and being observed by some of them so that they could copy some of my ideas on writing lessons. It was a great feeling.

Tiffers said...

Imitation is often said to be the sincerest form of flattery. I find it very complimentary that someone took enough time to watch or pay attention to me in order to mimic it!

Bonnie said...

It is hard to receive a compliment, and I can understand what you said about feeling "thank you" not being enough to show how much you value the compliment! Oh well...what to do!?!

SH85 said...

Oh, I hear you. Have had to work hard to just say "thanks".

Compliments meant that I was the center of someone's attention, which was not my goal when I was younger. Now, I am much more gracious, and I do enjoy a compliment now and again - as well as a little bit of attention.

And for the record, I am always sincere when complimenting someone. That's just the way I am. I don't lie, cheat or steal. I'm terribly boring that way. So, if I happen to compliment you on a layout, and I say it is "awesome", I mean it. (In case you were wondering...)