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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Dinner Party with 5 Famous People

If I had a dinner party and could invite 5 famous people, I would invite:
1. Tim Allen - because I love to watch reruns of Home Improvement and I love his silly sense of humor.
2. Bill Cosby - because he seems so down to earth and realistic and wise.
3. Amy Grant -because I knew her when she attended the same college as me for a year and she was so down to earth and real. I never knew she was famous at the time and she never advertised it. I enjoyed hearing her opinions when I was around her.
4. Kevin Costner - because he is so darn good looking!
5. Martha Stewart - because I would want to know how she has time to do all the things she says she does and I would like to know what she is really like in person.


Tink said...

When Bill Cosby comes I want to be there. He has kids down pat. I have one of his one man show dvds. And I love that he can be funny without being vulgar.

heather said...

Both your parties sound fun. Glad you've invited some people with a sense of humour, every party needs at least one!! I love Kevin C's voice - I would just listen :)

Lani said...

I love old home improvement re runs as well! I was very in love with the middle son Randy when i was about 15! hehe

faery-wings said...

Martha Stewart... *strokes chin* if I really wanted to be mean, I would love to join in and see if she could make cute swan napkins on the spot... or flower arranging.... or maybe stencil my kitchen cabinets...
Oh the possibilities!!! ROTFL!

ArtcMom said...

No kidding, Amy Grant? I'm glad you shared that she was d-t-e. Thats cool- great list!