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Saturday, June 24, 2006

If My House was in danger, what would I save?

If my house was on fire or about to be blown away in a hurricane, besides my husband, I hope I would take my pocketbook (has my license, checkbook, and credit card in it) and my laptop with me. I have so many sentimental items in the house that I wouldn't know where else to begin. I figure as long as I had my credit card, I could buy any essentials I might need and my laptop is like another part of my body that I just couldn't do without.

Now of course, my house has caught on fire years ago (luckily only ended up with minor burning of a closet and smoke damage), and I'm embarrassed about what I did take out of the house with me. I hope that I learned from this experience and won't repeat what I did. Of course, you never think it will happen to you. Besides making sure my husband was okay, I got my dog out and put him in the car so the firemen could get in the house AND I took my gradebook. I didn't take my computer, pocketbook, money, pictures, jewelry, tax records, or anything else of value. All I can think of is that for many years, I was always told (or brainwashed) that if you lose your gradebook, you will be fired. For 25 years, I have always been able to put my hand on my gradebook at any time. Thank goodness for computers now and my gradebook is on the network at school with many backups. Since then, I have had a plan in my head of what to take if this ever happens again. Boy, my hubby has liked to tease me about it though!


Tink said...

Boy it wasn't going to let me leave a comment, lol. Anyway, I think in the case of emergencies, no matter what we think we would take, it never ends up being what we thought anyway. But that makes me realize maybe I ought to make a database of our expensive furnishings for insurance purposes and put it on the external drive, that I would save, :)

Lani said...

hehe. i think taking your grade book just makes u a great teacher! though if i were your husband id probably tease you as well! lol. Lets hope you never have to make this sort of choice again:)

Laura Lou said...

Funny comment about your gradebook. o you think just MAYBE teachers are over-trained?

Bethy said...

You know I remember your grade book story - I think it's a great story!