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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The 5 Senses of Summer

If I didn't have any of my senses anymore, these are what I would think of when I think of summer.

The smells of summer: Honeysuckle in my gardens and galax on the hiking trail (smells like smelly socks)
The sights of summer: flowers blooming and green grass
The sounds of summer: Kids playing baseball at the local park around the block from my house, people working in their yards, people talking as they walk past my house (lots of people take up walking in the summer!)
The touch of summer: sweat rolling off my body as I hike because the humidity is disgusting here
The tastes of summer: watermelon and cantelope (I can taste it just thinking about this!)


heather said...

It is very humid here in summer and usually too hot to walk anywhere. At the moment, it's OK to walk anytime of the day which is nice (if it isn't raining)

glynis said...

Great list of things...don't you love summer?

Tink said...

I love cantalope. Just thinking about it will make my mouth water. Dad and I always sprinkled salt and pepper on it. Yummmm.

Meg said...

Um, did ya have to include the smelly socks? LOL! Love this! I'm amazed you do so much hiking during the summer, the humidity around here just kills me. Love your list though!

Laura Lou said...

This list could bring summer right back in the dead of winter!

faery-wings said...

SC doesn't sound too different than NJ--- love that 100% humidity LOL

Bethy said...

yum, watermelon sounds delicious right now! Or the cantaloupe - that sounds wonderful and as Tink said, with just a sprinkle of salt!