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Friday, August 07, 2009

Wiggle Your Toes

Blog Prompt - Today is Wiggler Your Toes Day. Where do you like to wiggle your toes?

I am not much of a toe wiggler. I hate to walk barefoot but I was brought up that way. My parents never let me walk barefeet. I do walk barefoot in the sand but when we leave the beach, I have to find a place to wash the sand off my feet. Now, after hiking in the mountains, if we come to a river, I love to put my feet into the cold river. It always feels so good.

Original image: 'While waiting for the train Sarah broke into toe stretches to get ready for the day of walking barefoot. My pedometer averaged 8 miles plus per day. My feet hurt just typing that.' by: Christopher

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Tink said...

It has been years since I dipped my digits into a cool, crisp river. Just thinking about it sends shivers up and down my spine (the good kind).