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Friday, August 14, 2009


Blog Prompt - Today is Relaxation Day. What would you do on a day where you could completely relax?

I know this doesn’t surprise my friends but I would go hiking! I love to hike and be outdoors. I am always amazed at the world around me and how lucky I am to be alive to experience this. In fact, it makes me feel so good that it truly relaxes me. I am not stressing about the little things in my life because when I’m hiking in a beautiful place, all I can think about is that if God can make and take care of all of this, why do I think he won’t take care of me too? Why do I worry about all the little things I can’t control. I can only try to be a better person and do what is right. If I do this, I know God will take care of me. Maybe I have a simplistic view of my life (my husband says I’m too naïve because I constantly think everything will always turn out the right or the way it should turn it out). But it works for me.

Original image: 'The Grand Tetons' by: Trey Ratcliff

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Tammy said...

I find I do some serious thinking when I take my walks and things seem to be better by time I get home. The problems are still there, but I feel better.