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Monday, August 17, 2009

White Tailed Deer

Blog Prompt - "What kind of animal are you underneath your human skin?"

White tailed Deer – According to Wikipedia,

1. they are medium sized (Yes, this definitely sounds like me. I have always wanted to be tall because I had friends who were twins and both were 6 ft. tall in junior high. They could reach anything, do practically anything, and no one ever picked on them. If I couldn’t be tall, I wanted to be petite and cute but no, I had to keep growing up and outward. So, I guess I’m medium sized.)

2. are generalists and can adapt to a wide variety of habitats and are most common east of the Rocky Mountains (I love to travel so I guess I can adapt to anywhere. I grew up on Long Island, NY where I graduated from high school. Then I moved to SC and have loved it ever since. Of course I have loved the different places that I have visited and could picture myself living practically anywhere as long as I’m with my husband.)

3. most often thought of as forest animals (I love the forest more than the beach and I love hiking.)

4. eat large varieties of food (I definitely love to eat and love to eat different things.)

Original image: 'Mini Me...:O)' by: Keven Law


Tammy said...

hehehe.......I love that description. And you are as sweet as a deer too Pat.

Tink said...

lol. I think you are as precious as a deer as well but maybe with the lion in me we had better plan our meetings very carefully. LOL