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Friday, August 14, 2009


Blog Prompt - Today is Joke Day. Talk about something that makes you laugh.

This isn’t a joke but it does make me laugh. My husband and I wear these hiking pants where the legs unzip to convert into shorts. These pants make us feel like we have 2 pairs of pants in one when we travel. They are also nylon so they are lightweight and easy to wash. The other day we took a scenic train ride and we were in our shorts. While we waited to board the train, we were going through a mental checklist to make sure we had everything we wanted to take with us. I mentioned that I had his legs in my pack. Half a dozen people snapped their heads to look at us and down at my husband’s legs. They didn’t know that I meant the legs to his pants and not his real legs!

Original image: 'Cleaning services 8' by: Polo

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