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Friday, August 21, 2009


Blog Prompt - Do you have a house plant that you really love growing? Is there a plant you would love to have? Or do you have a "brown thumb"?

Right now that we are traveling alot, I really don’t have a favorite house plant. I have a few houseplants that I hope survive when we travel but none that I’m deeply attached to. I had 2 orchid plants that my parents gave me that lived for years and I really babied them. Unfortunately this spring they both died. I don’t know if it got too cold for them when I put them outside or if the little boy I paid to water them, didn’t water them enough. Either way, they are now dead. I loved those orchids and they would have tons of blooms on them that lasted for months. Now my hubby just sees it as less for me to worry about now that we travel.

Original image: 'The Orchid Arch'


Bonnie said...

Hi, I can't believe you guys are still going with the daily prompts from DSP! It seems like a lifetime ago I was doing that! Well I suppose it was! Anyway just wanted to pop in and say "hi" cos it's been AGES since I did! Take care!

Erik Bledsoe said...

I have an ongoing blog about growing my Hawaii Red Ginger plant. I picked it up on vacation in Hawaii and have been taking pictures as it grows. Let me know what you think.

Erik Bledsoe