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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

At the Beach

Blog Prompt - Summer is almost over and the kids are either back in school or on their way. Today is Play in the Sand Day and tell me about a day at the beach.

I’m not really a beach person but when I am at the beach, I like to lay out and read a book. I usually get hot fast so then I dip in the water to get cool and I’m out again. I don’t like to get too far in the water ever since we almost was eaten by sharks. I can’t remember if I’ve told this story or not but if I have, please forgive me.

We were newly married and in love and of course poor. We splurged on one of those long floats to lay on when we got in the water. Both of us were just hanging on it as we floated and talked. We were so far out that people looked like miniature doll people. Then my hubby started to hum the Jaws movie theme and jumps off and starts to swim away. Back then I wore really thick glasses so I could barely see except up close. I asked him where he was going and he said something that sounded like Shark! I glanced around me and there were shark fins circling me on the float. The next thing I remember is being up on the beach with the float still under my arm looking at the water as my husband arrived on the shore.

A crowd surrounded us and let us know that the lifeguard had been blowing his whistle forever at us but he couldn’t get our attention. The sharks had been circling us for a very long time and we didn’t notice them either (I guess we were in love!) Then they said, that with one arm (the float was under the other arm), I swam past my husband to get to the beach. I bet I looked pretty funny! I guess I wasn’t leaving that float behind either because at the time it was a luxury we really couldn’t afford. The lifeguard was really mad at us but I was so grateful to be alive that I didn’t care. I guess the sharks weren’t in the mood for Chinese food or southern fried chicken and left us alone!

Original image: 'comin' right at us' by: gina

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Stephanie said...

I don't like the beach much either. Or the lake for that matter. I prefer clear water that I can see through to the bottom. I wouldn't say that I am scared of water creatures, but I HATE snakes, and spent a summer not swimming when I worked at a boy scout camp b/c I say a snake in the water during our first week. Just give me a clean pool, thank you!

P.S. The kitchen is DONE!!