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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Fun

I had a wonderful weekend! We went hiking in NC on Friday and Saturday since it finally quit raining. Of course it was hot and humid but I still enjoyed it.

Then today I got up early and cleaned out my backyard shed. It took me 6 hours but I feel so proud of myself. I took everything out of the shed and while doing that I found a dead snake which kind of freaked me out. I asked my hubby to come out and watch in case I came across a live one that bit me but luckily that didn’t happen. Of course the mosquitoes love him and immediately swarmed him so he had to run back inside. Not to mention that he hates snakes and spiders so he was relieved to run back in the house. Instead of finding another snake, I did find two mice that scared me but I finally got them out of the shed. There was so much dirt and “stuff” from the squirrels and mice that I practically had to shovel the gunk out. When I finally got done, I ended up with about twenty bags of trash and 15 dried up old paint cans. Now I will have to call the landfill tomorrow to find out how to get rid of all of this. I sprayed for bugs but I think I will still have to put down some mouse bait to keep the mice out.

Now that I’ve finally made some room in the shed, I can get some of the junk out of my house, especially all my classroom stuff that has been cluttering up my formal diningroom! If I only could keep my hubby from finding any more junk…I mean treasures!

1 comment:

Tink said...

ROFL.... One woman's junk is another man's treasure.

You accomplished a lot more than I did this weekend. Wish I had your gumption.