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Monday, May 04, 2009

Grocery Items and Adventure Day 47

Blog Prompt - Standing in a grocery line you notice bizarre or unusual combination's of things people buy (for example: toilet paper, kiwi fruit, and a package of manila envelopes). What has been the weirdest combination of items you have bought at the store?

We always buy weird stuff because we have been grocery shopping once a week. I usually try to buy the stuff we need for meals and include healthy things for snacks. Then my husband throws in all the junk food he thinks he might want at any given time. So when the clerk rings it up, usually the fat free yogurt is beside the chocolate cake and the skim milk is beside the ice cream. Sugar free stuff is usually by the potato chips and so on.

Travel Notes:

We got to the Minuteman Missile NHS headquarters early so we went to the Badlands and did a short hike. It was very pretty but the wind was blowing. Then we met at the headquarters for our 9am tour. Chris, the ranger, was wonderful! He really knew his stuff and seemed very enthusiastic about his subject. We drove out to the Launch Control Facility and took an elevator down to where the capsule is. In the capsule two people, on 12 hour shifts, had the power to turn the keys that were part of the missile launch. Two other people at another location had to turn their keys too in order for the missile to actually launch. It was really amazing to see this. Then we drove to the missile silo and saw a test missile down in the ground in the silo. It was really scary to think these missiles could have ended our world. The ranger mentioned that there are still about 450 missiles in the US.

After our tour, we returned to the Badlands and did some more hiking. The terrain was very different from the other national parks that we had been to. I’m glad we took the time to see this but it wasn’t my favorite national park.

After the park, we headed east on I-90 and crossed into the Central time zone. We ended up stopping in Oacoma, SD because Don saw signs for antique stores. We ended up spending a couple of hours in the stores so we had to get a hotel room in town. We like to get a room by 6pm before it gets dark and we get tired and cranky.

To see more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.


Glynis said...

Great movie choice!

Tink said...

I can just see the clerk's eyes as they are ringing up your groceries, LOL. I would so like to get Pan to take a tour of the states. Maybe one of these days when he decides to retire. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy your pictures.