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Friday, May 15, 2009

Military Thanks

Blog Prompt - This weekend is Armed Forces today. This holiday is celebrated by many countries and I would love to hear about someone you know who you admire in the Armed Forces.

I have a couple of online friends whose husbands are in the military (Monica and Meg). I appreciate the sacrifices that these men are making for me and I can see this through Monica’s blog: Daily Dwelling and Meg’s blog: The Pages of Our Crazy Life. Both women are alone with their children on a daily basis while their husband’s are away missing this time with their families. I truly admire both families for doing all they do and sharing their lives with me through their blogs. I have never had to be away from my husband except for 2 times in the 30 years that we have been together and I don’t think I could do it. All I can say is Thank You Monica and Meg and your families for all the sacrifices you make to keep me safe and free. I could never say in words how much I appreciate you!

Original image: 'First Phasers' by: Randy

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Tink said...

I can only agree. You said it best. :)