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Friday, May 01, 2009

Aunt Het Day and Adventure Day 44 – Colorado/Wyoming/South Dakota

Blog Prompt - Today is May 1st and is Lei Day in Hawaii. When I lived there it was a day off at school, lots of parades, everyone dressed in traditional Hawaiian clothing and our school put on a pageant. Tell me about your favorite local festival.

Our town has a festival the first weekend of October every year called Aunt Het Festival. Aunt Het is a character in a comic strip created by Robert Quillen, a Fountain Inn native. Main Street is closed off and lined with vendors of all kinds. Since We are such a small town, it is neat to see everyone you know and visit in the streets. I especially like it because I live one block off Main Street and we just walked to the festival which lasts all day Saturday.

Travel Notes:

Today we drove downtown Denver to refill a prescription and found the only CVS pharmacy in the state of Colorado. Thank goodness! It was filled without any problems and we were on our way before 9am. As we headed north on I-25, we came to Ft. Collins around 10am and the brewery tours just started so we stopped for the tour. While waiting for it to begin, we shopped in the store and found a train car for Don. It was the only one that they had and it was on sale so we bought it. The tour was nice and we got free samples of beer at the end. I tried a Bud Lite Lime which was really very good.

Then we headed into Wyoming which was a long, boring ride. There was nothing to see or do for a long time. We finally found a small town to eat lunch in. On the way, I called the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site and made a reservation for a tour on Monday morning. I was so excited when the man told me that he would fit us in even though at first he told me that he thought they were full. Then we drove some more on a long boring road until we crossed over into South Dakota. In fact, it was so boring, I got to finish crocheting my first baby sweater! We finally stopped in Hot Springs which is right outside Wind Cave National Park. Tomorrow we will try to do the cave tours!

To see more pictures on Flickr - Click HERE.


Tammy said...

I am just loving your trip you are on. What an adventure you 2 are having.

Tink said...

Have to agree with Tammy. At least I can live it vicariously through your pictures. :)

Your baby sweater turned out gorgeous.