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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Blog Prompt - Today is National Hamburger Day. Tell me how you like your hamburgers and if you have a favorite restaurant burger, tell me about it and I would love to see a picture of it.

I love hamburger but I don’t like mustard. When I grew up in the north, they didn’t put mustard on hamburgers but they do in the south so I always have to order it special without mustard. If I want to splurge, my favorite toppings on a hamburger are mushrooms and cheese but I usually don’t spend the extra money for that. If I make a hamburger at home, I just put ketchup and pickles on it. When we traveled across the country, we ate lots of hamburgers at fast food places because it was quick and easy and I knew what to expect. When we were in Texas, the hamburgers were SO big that I usually had to cut it in half just to pick it up. The surprising thing was that the price was not any different than the price I pay for a regular hamburger at home although they are much smaller. But I really don’t have a favorite restaurant for burger. Any burger will do.


Tink said...

Awww, the smell of hamburgers cooking. Love the picture you found. The perfect burger :)

jon said...

Don't eat to many of those hamburgers. a good teacher is hard to fine.