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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mouse Trap and Mondays

Blog Prompt - Today is Frog Jumping Day. Was there a favorite game you use to play when you were a child? Describe how you played the game.

I remember the game called Mouse Trap. You played the game and put the mouse trap together. At the end I think you rolled the marble that set off the whole contraption and trapped the mouse. I loved to play it but it was hard to get anyone else to play it with me since my sisters were 10 and 12 years older than me. I think they had come out with it again not too long ago but it wasn’t as popular as when I was a child.

Blog Prompt - I’m taking a survey. What is your favorite day of the week and tell me why?
I have always enjoyed Mondays, which I know makes me an odd ball from everyone else in the world. After teaching for 30 years, I have looked forward to my regular routine on Mondays after the weekend. I worried about my students and their weekends so I was glad to see them on Mondays and I think they felt the same way. Mondays were always a good day in my special ed classroom because I think we were all glad to see each other. I am the type of person who loves routines so weekends and holidays were actually stressful for me. I loved the time away from work but I was glad to go back.

Now that I’m retired, I still like Mondays. We don’t do a lot of hiking or fun things on the weekends because it is more crowded or there are more people on the road. We wait until Mondays when we know people are at work and school. Even grocery shopping is easier on Mondays than the weekends.

Original image: 'Congo Tree Frog' by: Nick Hobgood


Anonymous said...

You are a Monday girl. I love it. I wish I could've seen you teach Pat. I know you were a wonderful one.

Beth said...

Oh. My.
I *just* played Mousetrap yesterday afternoon! It's a great game!

And I love Mondays too. Something about a fresh start to the week. But then I'm also a morning person! Definitely an odd ball here.

Tink said...

Indy's other grandparents bought him mousetrap for his birthday. Unfortunately he has alread lost most of the pieces, LOL. But I remember playing it growing up and loved it, along with Operation.